AVIONI Electronic Technologies Co. Ltd.

AVIONI® Technologies is an electronic & software systems supplier for automotive, earthmoving vehicle and superstructure manufacturers in the European, Asian and Latin American economic areas. The HQ is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

As an experienced supplier of vehicle control solutions for automotive series production, AVIONI® Technologies provides hardware and software engineering as a one-stop shop. We develop and test both of the circuit design and the PCB layout after taking into consideration the application environment and customer requirements.

"Turn-Key" projects complete the range of following product fields: Electronic Control Units, Sensors/ Actuators and System Components achieved not only marketable system solutions, as an engineering service provider AVIONI® is also able to offer customized complete solutions. As an experienced full-service provider, AVIONI® supports their customers during brainstorming, planning, design, development, prototyping, testing and series production of individual components, entire devices and overall technical systems.
  • Hardware Development

    During hardware development both, Fast Time to Market and EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) conformance is up to our standard in the design process. EN ISO 13849-1 approved components are integrated onto “State of the art” SMD hardware designs.

    • Development of circuitry
    • Layout of PCBs
    • Design conforming to requirements relating to EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility)
    • Measuring and test equipment
    • Change design
    • Wiring harnesses
    • Development of components
  • Software Engineering

    As far as software engineering is concerned, up-to-date simulation and development environments, such as Matlab Simulink, Codewarrior or Rapid Prototyping Systems, as well as verification on real components, enable us to tackle extremely complex tasks in a manner saving time and resources. We use these systems to design, test and programme software modules for microcontrollers, PCs and self-sufficient measuring systems.

    • Automotive control functions (e.g. OBD, Immobilizer, Auto-wiper)
    • Diagnostic tools
    • Functional development
    • Device software
    • Embedded control
    • Signal processing
    • Visualization
    • Machine Control
    • Event Logging